Beautiful Letterpress Business Cards 99design

This beautiful letterpress business card is crafted for the designer Brain Pham and it’s letterpress printed by Black Wolf Press. The Egyptian style design mixed with the letterpress feel certainly makes this card one of a kind.

This is the redesigned business card for AtomicVibe. This uniquely shaped business card was letterpress printed by Mama’s Sauce. It aims to represent the past and the future with a mix of science and technology.

These retro-themed letterpress business cards were designed for a new Rum brand. They were letterpress printed by Clove St. Press.

This business card comes with a classic letterpress design. It’s been letterpress printed by Spark Letterpress in NE Minneapolis for Matt Erickson.

Designer Cara Bell crafted this beautiful letterpress business card as a gift for her sister who owns hand-crafted products business. What a thoughtful gift.

This creative letterpress business card was designed for Bushwick Tea in New York. The design features an elegant badge that makes it look more professional.

A very creative business card with a unique and a fun design. It was letterpress printed by The Mandate Press for Natalie Ciccoricco.

Another unique letterpress business card with an attractive design. The amount of detail included in this design is remarkable. The card was letterpress printed by Piggyback Letterpress in NYC.

According to the designer, this colorful letterpress business card has been printed by Mama’s Sauce press using duplexed Muscletone French Paper and it’s been edge painted to match the panel color.

Designer Adam Trageser used a vintage design for this stylish letterpress business card to effectively grab the attention of his clients.

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