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Google’s “G” logo is not geometrically perfect. It’s not a perfect circle and the color arcs don’t align with each other. The internet and the design community are abuzz on this topic after a Reddit thread brought these geometrical imperfections to light.
Is this a design error from the team at Google, or is there more to it?
UK-based graphic designer Will Patterson, who specializes in logo design and brand identity, has come up with an interesting video that shows why Google’s logo is “optically perfect” despite being mathematically and geometrically imperfect.
Patterson visually explains why the curved parts of letters like ‘G’ are purposely made to ‘overshoot’ from the guidelines to maintain optical balance.

Watch below

One of the possible reasons why the Google design team made the yellow arc smaller could be because yellow is a brighter color and they wanted all the colors to have the same perceived visual weight.

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