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Minimalist logos that combine the name and the product (or service) of the company into one unique symbol. The logo in each case visually represents the brand name and the nature of its business.

1. Groom Nails & Hair

2. Lulwa Jewelry

3. Coffee

4. Local Burger

5. Book Library

6. 4U Fashion Shop

7. Lavender

8. Creative International Construction & Interior

9. Blank

10. Atyab Amina Perfume

11. Arabella Bakery

12. Ten Zero One

13. Ten Zero One

14. One

15. Depresso Coffee Shop

16. Depresso Coffee Shop

17. Addict Coffee Shop

18. Casa Fashion

19. 33 Coffee Bar

For example, the logo for Groom Salon is a pair of scissors made with the two o’s in the word ‘Groom’. The logo for Lulwa Jewelry includes a diamond in the letter ‘w’. The logo for Local Burger is a location icon with a burger inside it.

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