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Today we have a brand new Sans Serif font which is available for free. Introducing Compacta Font Family. This is the one of the gorgeous Sans-serif font designed by Fred Lambert.
Compacta is the paintings of Fred Lambert and is paying homage to the extraordinarily slim. Scriptstenciled fonts of the 1920s, then meant as titles or headlines for magazines and posters.
The characters of all cuts are slim and the space between letters is very small. The white spaces between strokes are perceived nearly as best small white stripes and dots which stick out from the black bands of the lines of textual content.
Compacta isn’t always intended for longer texts but is impressive in titles and headlines. The foundation supply for butter because in the monogram is an exceedingly ornate lettering style from the e-book.

Compacta Font Family

This high-quality lettering fashion was originally depicted handiest with capitals and numbers. The free font which we’ve lovingly recreated to consist of small-caps for the motive of monogramming, signs, and headlines.
From the original style that had a drop shadow and line shading, because we extrapolated strong and a smooth outline with drop shadow patterns for more versatility of use.
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