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Introducing you the hybrid font of Basic and Sans Serif Lemon Milk Font. This font was created by the Lemon Milk font developer and now you can download this font family for free.
Adrian Frutiger, the designer of glyphs and a big quantity because of different very well received fonts. He was born in Switzerland (underseen, canton of Bern) in 1928.
Recommended to end up concerned within the world of basic because via his father and secondary college teachers, he started an apprenticeship at otto schaerffli, a printer primarily based in Interlaken, at the age of 16.

Lemon Milk Font

Lemon typefaces all proportion one commonality: the sculptural heritage Frutiger because it was encouraged to depart in the back of by his father and teachers in his pursuit of a career. The letterforms are without fail creative even within the easiest situations.
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