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Introducing a brand new Sans-serif font which is free for everyone. Simplifica Font is a perfect font for doing branding, shirts designs, and ebook covers.
SIMPLIFICA is a distinct free font designed by using KAIWA for Freebiesbug. A satisfactory, easy and clear font that you may pass over. It can be used to make your graphics more beauteous.
It is a rather condensed sans-serif typeface featured through a uniform and skinny line width. Its excessive positioned caps-height and ascender favor legibility.
When Jim Wasco undertook the design of a brand new sans serif typeface family, he had a two-phase intention in mind. He recalls, “I desired to create a simple.

Simplifica Font

A legible typeface that will combine, in a harmonious way, elements of classic geometric sans serifs – such because of the Futura and ITC Avant Garde typefaces.
Because that may also seem timeless.” Wasco’s design is a classic example of looking back to create whatever with the intention to look recent, even futuristic, going ahead.

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