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After a few years in the graphic design business, you realize how important it is to get the basics right. Like using proper font and color combinations, implementing visual hierarchy, using grids, alignment, white space, and so on.

1. Using words instead of visuals

2. Poor readability

3. Too many fonts

4. Bad kerning

5. Poor color combinations

6. Lack of white space

7. Placing elements arbitrarily

8. Lack of contrast

9. Improper scaling

10. Ignoring visual hierarchy rules

11. Illegible text

12. Improper font combinations

13. Inadequate space between lines

14. Using low-res images

15. Striving for complete symmetry

16. Lack of effective comminucation

17. Using cliches

18. Ignoring the medium

19. Inconsistency

The team at Visme, an online tool for creating infographics and presentations, has come up with an excellent visual list of 19 graphic design rules that differentiate the pros from the amateurs. Check them out below.

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