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Our work style is what enables us to be different from others. What is style in graphic design? It's what allows your work to be recognizable among one thousands of works.
The style concept is connected to identity. A unique style testimonies a strong identity thereby a winning brand. When a client decides to hire a graphic designer, it already has an idea of the final result, because it choose to marry the graphic designer's style to the product.

How to create your own style

It's a natural process. You can not impose to yourself the frequently use of swirls and flowers in your works. You shall like them! If you are a young graphic designer looking for your identity, I will suggest to start observing the well known graphic designers' works. To create inspiring to others doesn't mean to copy, instead it could be the mean to explore the graphics world. It is up to you to experiment and work until you will find the style you think best represents you. Here following are some great graphics with a unique style:

Graphic designer whose style is well known to all graphics lovers. It loves to decorate the human subjects of his works with abstract shapes that sometimes replace the skin, transforming the subjects into vivid and unreal entities.

Brazilian digital artist. His works are a triumph of colors. Each image is a fantasy world full of abstract elements that surround real subjects.

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