Make Skies Gorgeously Dramatic In Photoshop | Chumbart™

Did you know that you can use Adjustment layers and the Blend If mode in Photoshop to enhance skies and make them look more dramatic in your photos?
In this one-minute tutorial, Photoshop instructor Unmesh Dinda from PiXimperfect shows you a simple technique to add details and definition to clouds by using Adjustment Layer, Mask, Brush Tool, and Blend If: Underlying Layer. 

Watch below.

00:03 – Create solid color adjustment layer and hide it
00:10 – Sample sky color, make it darker and desaturated
00:17 – Turn adjustment layer on, select mask and invert colors
00:21 – Select Brush tool, foreground color white, and paint on clouds
00:31 – Adjust sliders in Blend If > Underlying Layer

(sample image shown in video)

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