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Watch below.

Font combinations shown in video

Download: Ubuntu / Vollkorn

Download: Arvo / PT Sans

Download: Raleway / Roboto Slab

Download: Oswald / Droid Serif

Download: Raleway / Goudy Bookletter 1911

Download: Playfair Display / Source Sans Pro

Download: Merriweather / Montserrat

Download: Alegreya / Lato

Download: Unica One / Vollkorn

Good font pairing is one of the key differentiators between amateur and professional design. Rookie designers often use more fonts than required and there is lack of typographical contrast in their design. It’s tricky because there are no fixed rules as to what kind of fonts work well together, but there are certain guidelines that can help you pick fonts that complement each other.
The Web Designer has come up with an excellent video that features tips and tricks on how to pair fonts effectively. They’ve also shared some popular font combinations that you can use in your designs. 

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