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Salome font was designed by Raúl García Del Pomar and Ismael González in 2013 and turned into first time posted by using Atipofoundry. This font is a first rate artwork deco styled script typeface that consists of four styles which are Regular, Fine, Stencil and Deco. Moreover it comes with an entire slew of extras like small caps and ligatures to call a few.

Salome Font
Salome font is a revival, normalization and tricky enlargement of a 1972 movie face known as Cantini. The original movie kind, launched by a tiny unbiased outfit known as letter pics, regarded like it changed into hand drawn with little attention for consistency in essential lettering flow measurements, like angles, stroke widths, and vertical metrics. You can download this font familyfor free from here and can use it for your personal use.

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