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Visual trends are an important aspect of marketing for entrepreneurs and businesses. Using the latest design, imagery, and typography styles makes your brand appear contemporary to your customers, the marketplace, and to your competition.

Watch below.

00:40 – Disjointed text
01:07 – Brightness
01:20 – Glitch
01:41 – Color channel
02:00 – Sliced text
02:24 – Integration
02:58 – Liquid
03:26 – Font as illustration
03:53 – Iconification
04:08 – Playbill
04:35 – Text as design
05:16 – Systematic color
05:55 – Deconstructivism
06:27 – Photo masking
07:13 – Transparency

For designers and creative professionals, understanding and being able to recognize visual trends is even more important because you have to be able to provide them to your clients. Implementing the latest trends in your work shows that you are up-to-date, you’re paying attention, and you’re creating contemporary design that will benefit the client’s brand.
Branding and design veteran Philip VanDusen has come up with an excellent video in which he describes and illustrates 15 key trends in graphic design for 2018. 

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