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Did you know that scoops of mashed potatoes are dyed in different colors and used in ice cream ads because they don’t melt during long shoots under hot studio lights? Cereal ads often use glue instead of milk because it doesn’t make the cereal soggy. Shaving cream is used instead of whipped cream because it has a consistent thickness and doesn’t melt. Top Trending has come up with an interest video that shares 10 clever tricks advertisers use to make food look delicious.

Watch below.

  • 00:33 – Cotton balls for steam
  • 01:21 – Mashed potatoes instead of ice cream
  • 02:22 – Glue instead of milk
  • 03:10 – Shoe polish on grilled steaks
  • 03:52 – Shaving cream instead of whipped cream
  • 04:42 – Deodorant to make fruits shine
  • 05:26 – Wax in sauces
  • 06:15 – Cardboards for cake layering
  • 07:10 – Paper towels to stuff turkeys
  • 07:58 – Motor oil instead of pancake syrup
Faking It
‘Faking It’ is an interesting project by UK-based art director Sandy Suffield, photographer Dan Matthews, and food stylist Jack Sargeson, that shares behind-the-scenes photos of food photography sets and the props they use. 

Check it out below.

Ice cream made with mashed potatoes, lard, powdered sugar, and food coloring

PVA glue instead of milk

Cake decorated with spray paint, the cream is shaving cream

Talcum powder on grapes, with toothpicks and fishing wire

Motor oil used to make the meat shiny, shoe polish to darken it, hairspray on carrots for gloss

Fake champagne made with water, soy sauce, and Alka Seltzer for bubbles. Food is propped up with blue plastic pieces.

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